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Loving Care is your Personalized Moving Consultant offering you relocation management services to relieve the stress and frustration often associated with moving. Loving Care provides planning, coordination, downsizing, packing, unpacking, interior design, trash removal, cleaning services and estate sales. We address all aspects of your relocation process in detail.

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Hello, my name is Jettie Hearne, I am the owner of Loving Care.

I truly understand how difficult moving can be, whether you are in transition, or have lived in the same house a long time, Loving Care will take all the stress and anxiety out of your move by organizing and coordinating the entire relocation. It includes packing, unpacking, set up, hanging pictures and cleaning of your old home. It doesn’t matter how large or small your move will be. It will be completed quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Loving Care has a heart and is all about you. We are happy to work with you and your family. Your belongings are so very important to you. That’s why we treat them with so much care when packing and unpacking them, to assure you that they will arrive to your new home undamaged and in excellent condition. By utilizing my Interior Design, Textile Degree and Museum experience. I can maximize the utilization of your existing antiques, furnishings and décor pieces to make your new home a place that you will be so very proud of. I can also assist you with evaluating, selling or donating items including your family heirlooms.

Loving Care offers superior relocation transition services for a local or long distance move. I can also coordinate with professional moving companies on your behalf. I take pride in making your new home beautiful and comfortable, a place where you can live and entertain in style! Your relocation transition is all about you! I can assure you that my focus and responsibility is to make your move easy and seamless…

I work together “hand in hand” with you and your family to downsize your furnishings and belongings. If you need new furnishings or décor pieces, I would be happy to assist you with selecting just the perfect furnishings to accent your new home.

Loving Care will take all the anxiety and stress out of your move by organizing and coordinating your relocation… Please contact me to discuss your move or schedule a no obligation on-site evaluation consultation. This consultation includes questions and answers about packing, unpacking, interior design, hanging pictures, cleaning out and whole house cleaning of your existing home. No matter how large or small your move is, it will be completed quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Thank You, We Really Appreciate your Business!

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At Loving Care, we have pride in providing you with peace of mind during your relocation. We truly understand that your home reflects your individual style and personality. We provide those personal touches that let you feel comfortable in your new home quickly. Loving Care works with individuals and seniors throughout the southeast with all their relocation needs and requirements. We specializes in relocating seniors to retirement communities. We assist our customers and their families throughout their entire relocation. No move is too large or small; from packing museum quality pieces, fine antiques, artifacts, china, glassware and furnishings from any size home, condo and apartments. Loving Care understands moving is not just about packing, unpacking. We make sure that all your precious items are protected against damage and that you and comfortable in your new home.

Relocation Services

Preparation, Coordination & Space Planning

Organizing, Sorting, & Downsizing Assistance

Professional Packing

Moving Day Coordination

Unpacking & Interior Design

Trash & Debris Removal

Whole House Cleaning

Staging Services

Loving Care can assist with consultation in staging your home for a quicker sale of your existing properly.

Downsizing / Estate Sales / Liquidation

Downsizing can be a daunting challenge. When moving to a new location often times downsizing existing furnishings into your new home space can be challenging. You may not be able to take some items due to size restrictions. It can be very difficult to decide exactly what to utilize, discard and how to discard or sell your unwanted items. Loving Care can assist you by provide assistance in making those hard decisions of gifting them, selling/consigning your items in a private estate sale, through an auction company; or donating them to your favorite charity. Loving Care can assist you in all these facets of your relocation transition seamlessly and cost effectively.

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Loving Care offers you a free in-home consultation to get to know you better. Our superior communication skills allow us to discover your personal needs and concerns regarding your move. Together, we will do a complete walk-through of your home. This allows us to evaluate exactly what steps are needed to organize and coordinate your relocation. We make sure that your move is as easy and seamless as possible. Loving Care prepares a personalized plan for each customer’s individual needs and requirements. We assist you in every aspect of your move. Our fees are determined by the size and complexity of each relocation. We understand that losing a loved one is a very emotional and overwhelming time. Often families are left in a position where personal belongings need to be allocated to family members, sold or liquidated in a timely manner for the best possible price. Loving Care keeps your family’s best interest at heart by acting as your on-site advocate for coordinating of the disbursement of your loved one’s estate. We give families peace of mind by minimizing stress of an estate sale and maximizing returns. Please call or email us to discuss your relocation or schedule a free in-home consultation.

Please contact Loving Care by calling our Savannah, GA office at: 912-598-4080

Charleston, SC office at: 843-737-6255

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